Reasons to Call Our Emergency Boiler Plumber in Wimbledon

Here at South London Plumber, we offer a wide range of plumbing-related services to those in the Wimbledon area and beyond. One of the services which we are often called for is our emergency services for gas leaks, boiler emergency repair or boiler leaks. Water, when allowed to leak in the wrong places, can quickly damage your home and other property. This is why it is important that property owners act quickly and call us if your boiler needs to be replaced or repaired.

Any time your boiler needs to be repaired, you should call a professional plumber in Wimbledon like us here at South London Plumber. Failure to have a plumber tend to your boiler as soon as possible can result in damage not only to your boiler, but to the area surrounding the boiler.

If you notice any of the following, you should place a call to a plumber:

Your boiler is leaking water

If you see water forming around the base of your boiler, you need to have it fixed or repaired. The leaking is often the result of corrosion, damaged connectors or an increase in pressure within the boiler.

Your boiler is rumbling

Any strange or rumbling noises are cause for concern when it comes to your boiler. Rumbling may indicate a number of issues which must be tended to immediately, such as your boiler is starting to overheat or the expansion tank is broken.

You are losing heat in parts of the home

Here in South London, it is not uncommon to have pipes freeze in the winter time. If your home is being unevenly heated, it is likely due to pipes being frozen in the boiler system. Many homeowners have made the mistake of attempting to heat up the pipes themselves, which often results in significant and costly damage. Save yourself time and money and call our plumber in Wimbledon instead.

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