Plumbing and Heating Horsham

Finding the right heating engineer in your area is easy for some and not so easy for others. You want to be careful before you choose one based on cost and convenience. Our professionals at South London Plumber are qualified to practice and available 24/7 for when you require a plumber in Horsham. We work on a wide range of heating systems repairs and installations that everyone needs for daily living.

Central Heating

You may be able to fix a problem with the central heating, but a central heating installation is not a typical DIY project. You need our professional expertise to fix this complex type of heater.

Underfloor Heating

Knowing when your heater needs a repair is simple when you use it several times a day. Underfloor heating installations are available at reasonable prices. We enter homes in Horsham and make the replacements that the non-professionals cannot make.

Circulation Pump

If the circulation pump does not do its circulations properly, you need a new one. Contact us to make circulation pump installations that affect many of your appliances.

Unvented Cylinders

You use unvented cylinders to avoid having to use a large water storage tank. We find problems with cylinders all of the time in Horsham, so we have unvented cylinders repairs and installations.

Landlord’s Gas Safety Certificates

If a gas appliance malfunctions, you have to continue working. If you own a residential building, do not make anyone feel uncomfortable or inconvenienced. Contact a plumber in Horsham to look over the gas systems and provide you with a landlord’s gas safety certificate.

If there is damage, we make a repair. If there is damage beyond repair, we make an installation. Some people think that plumbers are all about appliance repairs, but we do heating unit repairs and installations in Horsham as well. We help you make any installation that affects the water and heating at home. Contact the people at South London Plumber to see the services we will provide you.

Boiler Installations
Emergency Plumbing and Heating
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Landlord’s Certificates